Piano Movers in San Diego

Here at Woodland Beaverswe love to boost our donors.  By helping us create a better experience for our students with donations, you are truly helping the future of this beautiful country.  So a simple shout out is the least we can do, and United Piano Movers San Diego are our match.

United Piano Movers in San Diego has helped us with the pianos at our education center by bringing in new pianos and moving them for us, all under a fundraising campaign.  We were able to make room for new pianos for music students and even added on some other new instruments. It was very crucial timing actually and they helped us with the following:

  • Moving Out Old Pianos
  • Moving in a Brand New Baby Grand Piano
  • Moving Our Old Organ to it’s New Location
  • Moving Around Important Music Equipmentmoving a large piano

Luckily these guys had all the proper equipment to be able to move out these old pianos and move in some new ones.

Once again, it was United Piano Movers San Diego that helped us out with this tremendous task, in a massive way and we could not be more thankful.

Our brand new Alpine baby grand piano will be able to teach students the beautiful language of the piano for many years to come.  The new piano was tuned right in front of our staff, complimentary, so we know the piano will be ready for use Monday! And we are extremely excited about this. If you need your piano moved in San Diego Piano Movers of United is for you.

Our beautiful scholastic center is growing larger every year, and with this brand new addition, I think we are really showing students how important their education is.  It doesn’t matter if it’s music, math, or science, all of these fields should be studied equally and given the same attention.  In this way, we hope to have provided the necessary and possibly even exceeded the demands of both our parents and students alike.  Thank you very much for helping us United Piano movers San Diego. We will definitely make sure to recommend you to our friends, family, faculty, students, and parents alike.

If you would like to see the new piano and set up of the musical instruments, please see our music educational center located at D504. It is an impressive feat for our staff and we are extremely proud of the new additions we have made.  Only the Woodland Beavers could have done this by working together! And now that the piano has been moved, it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Please come have a look for yourself.


Pool Table Movers

pool_table_moved_for_san_diegoHello friends! Just wanted to reach out to you and inquire how the Woodland Beavers have been doing. We are phenomenal and hope the holiday season is treating you all very well. We have been fortunate enough to work with our sponsor further and acquired the funds to have a pool table brought to our center. So we are having a used pool table delivered to us, and the company says they can’t deliver it, you need a specific service to do that. Who knew moving a pool table would be so difficult??

Well these guys do: San Diego Pool Table Movers. I guess it makes sense, you can’t really just move a three hundred pound pool table without expecting to run into some sort of trouble. You have the ball catch, release, all the baskets, bumpers, and at the end of the day, the pool table needs to be leveled also… as if it being heavy wasn’t enough.

Good news is the San Diego pool table movers are bringing the table early new year. They know how to take the pool table apart into pieces so that it can be moved much more easily. We are extremely grateful to have found them.

Also, they will make sure it’s leveled after moving it up the stairs in pieces. So it’s just really nice to be able to have them come and take care of the school’s pool table for us.

Have a great new year everyone.

Our special Sponsors: Plumbers of San Diego

We are proud to present our special sponsors at our new location in Southern California. These are the Plumbers of San Diego with beautiful work done for home bathroom remodeling and plumbing.

This great group is truly extremely special for helping us with fundraising and raising the capital for helping us with this extremely far and strong move. We are extremely grateful to have their expertise at our disposal for all plumbing necessities.

We realize the importance of proper plumber needs for water pipelines, sewers, gas leaks and everything plumbing related. So we give these plumbers a huge thumbs up, especially for their work done with bathroom remodels in San Diego.

They worked holding a special promotion where 10% of the proceeds went directly to us to help us with this very important move we had to make.

So at the very least we can mention our friends, because they do really nice work as well!

If you haven’t checked out their plumbing work by now, go ahead and take a look. You will be shocked by the gorgeous bathroom remodels they have done.

All with Swanstone products that just look amazing when completed. Very cool that these plumbers do so much more than simply “plumbing work”, they actually care about the jobs done and view them as art forms, each with it’s own unique style -as all art should be. Have a look-see for yourself at San Diego plumber.

What truly amazes me is that they’ve found a way to captivate the audience with these remarkable home bathroom remodels with beautiful work. All from the plumbing work of the pipelines, for all needs, to the brand new fixture installation that is exemplary work.

It is all laid out to be seen, and drops jaws left and right. If you want to see more of the work these amazing Plumbers in San Diego have done, check out their website for some beautiful accomplishments. You will not regret it! All the way back to their roots.

Here’s to happy living with good plumber work!


Beaver Time

We are proud to bring you the home of the beavers! The beavers are here and moving forward and it is definitely beaver time! We have so much to go over, I don’t even know where to start. We love woodlands, but just as much we love the city life. And beautiful cities such as San Diego are our forte.

That’s why we are proud to announce, that the Woodland Beavers are moving to San Diego and great times are ahead. We have many sponsors who are supporting us with this move and feel it will be of greatest benefit to our whole team.

We wan to thank you as well as supporting fans and we know you’ll understand our decision to move locations!

So let’s get one last big hoo-rah! And off to Southern California we go!!